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About the Program

The 'Digital India Week' from 1st July to 8th July has been launched by Prime Minister, Shree. Narendra Modi in the national capital with a view to empower the people of the country through the Digital India Programme. Digital India aims to transform the country into a digitally empowered knowledge economy.

The "Digital India Initiative" is one of the key initiatives with long-term vision, and it is expected to have a huge impact across the sectors of India including the Education sector in rural and urban areas. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for imparting education is an innovation with a great potential for changing the education and learning scenario in the country. The Government of India has started many initiatives related to impart ICT enabled education and learning through, National Skill Development Council, NPTEL, NME-ICT.

Spoken Tutorial Project is one of the leading and successful projects under NMEICT and also a leading initiatives taken by IIT Bombay. Through Spoken Tutorial Project, we are helping students and teachers of nearby colleges to get IT­ Skills through free software Training. This project is sponsored by MHRD, Govt of India and given to all through National Mission on Education through ICT

Apart from the event at Delhi, 600 districts across the country will organize various programs to sensitize people about the ongoing activities under the Digital India platform. As a part pf the same, Gandhinagar Institute of Technology also celebrated “Digital India Week” in association with IIT Bombay on 4th July, 2015 where more than 350 students and faculty members from various discipline had participated. The event was informative and considered to be useful to those students who are willing to learn various free and open source software at their convenient and pace through Spoken Tutorial Project.

The program was designed to combine the series of videos which were prepared to give exposure to the main project objectives and to share their achievements since inception. One of the committee member, Prof. Nehal Shah presented the overall structure, objectives and achievements of the project. Prof. Krupali Patel explained about how to get registered and what to do to take the advantage of such program. At last, few senior students gave their feedback about the program and also explained their view point about the new learning initiative.

Gandhinagar Institute of Technology is highly active in Open Source Technology Club since 2011 and trained more than 1500 students and 400 Faculty members of institute. GIT recognized as TWO STAR rated “Resource Centre” by IIT Bombay in 2012, and also honoured by “Knowledge Tree Plaque” and “A Letter of Appreciation by IIT Bombay” in 2013. The Gujarat Technological University appreciated the sincere efforts of the institute and awarded with GTU Pedagogical Innovation award, in 2014.

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