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A.Y.Dadabhai Technical Institute, Kosamba regularly arranges all programs as per the guidelines of Gujarat Technological University. Our Prime Minister has announced that this year July 1st to 7th, the week should be celebrated as “Digital India Week”. With consideration of that announcement and as per the GTU guidelines Institute has arranged Seminar competition and Debate competition among Computer Engineering Students as a part of a Digital India Week Celebration.At the beginning of Program OSTC & MWTC coordinator, Mr.Vijay M Patil has enlightened the Importance of the Digital India. Moreover he has elaborate the functions of the Government towards Digital India. As a Result Students become able to understand that “Digital India Program” will transform INDIA into digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. As the Vision of Digital India centered around 3 key area,
1. Digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen
2. Governance and Services on Demand
3. Digital Empowerment of Citizens
Also there will be huge impact of “Digital India” in overall India in near future.
Some of the Impact that we can visualize are given below.
Impact of Digital India by 2019
• Broadband in 2.5 lakh villages, universal phone connectivity
• Net Zero Imports by 2020
• 400,000 Public Internet Access Points
• Wi-fi in 2.5 lakh schools, all universities; Public wi-fi hotspots
for citizens
• Digital Inclusion: 1.7 Cr trained for IT, Telecom and
Electronics Jobs
• Job creation: Direct 1.7 Cr. and Indirect at least 8.5 Cr.
• e-Governance & eServices: Across government
• India to be leader in IT use in services – health, education,
• Digitally empowered citizens – public cloud, internet access
As a Part of “Digital India Week Celebration”, Students of A.Y.Dadabhai Technical Institute has also prepared presentation on Current and Future Trends of Digital World across the Globe. There was “Seminar Competition” and “Debate Competition” among the Students of Final Year Computer Engineering Department. Student has presented various Topics like Google’s Driverless Car, Iball Technology, and Digital Locker System etc…, Also there was Debate Competition on Application & Importance of Smartphone, Student’s Role in Digital India, What may be the Feature of Futuristic OS in Smartphone.Overall Impact of “Digital India Week Celebration” was Excellent among the Students. They were able to understand the Growing Need of the Technology in Rural India and what are the Expectation of “Future Smart Cities”. And also able to understand their Role in Future of “Digital India”.
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