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A 15 day Automotive workshop was organised  from 12th to 28th September 2015 at S P B Patel Engineering College, Saffrony Institute of Technology, Linch, Mehsana for Mechanical and Automobile Engineering students of all semesters. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Khushal Singh, Rahul Ranjan, Pushpinder Singh, Anish Mathur, Board of Directors, Elite Techno Groups (ETG). The workshop saw a participation of 36 students. The purpose of this workshop was to develop an ATV understanding right from the basics to the complexity of designing and calculations and to fabricate the same within a total span of 15 days.


The workshop was scheduled in the three phases.

·         First 3 days comprised of learning the basics of Automobiles as well as calculations (Static as well as dynamic).

·         Next 4 days comprised of designing different subsystems analytically and also in CAD software.

·         Rest 8 days on fabricating the ATV.

The first phase dealt with the basics of automobiles and automotive terminologies. The sessions were interactive and the phase ended with a blitz quiz on the same. The students participated with great enthusiasm and worked upon the calculations uptil midnight.

The second phase was focused on designing. The students were introduced to the designing software ‘Solid Works’. All the aspects right from the basic commands and tools to designing were covered. The last day ended with analysing the roll cage design in the simulator.

The third phase was devoted to fabrication. The students were taught the necessary techniques required for fabrication right from cutting the pipes to welding. Since the fabrication was completed within two and a half days the rest of the days were devoted to the testing of the ATV to its extremities.

On the 14th day, the parents/guardian of the participants were invited to have a look of the ATV and following the  interest of the faculty members and the students the ATV was made open for ride on the last day.

The 15 days of Automotive diligence was successfully accomplished with the positive efforts of all participants alongwith  the humble support of the management of the institute.

The workshop helped students acquire not only technical skills but also managing skills, team work, communication skills and provided a platform for all round synergistic development.


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