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               On 7thAugust , 2015 , A workshop on Hydrology was organized at our college. This workshop was for the civil students. All the students of civil department took part in this workshop. This workshop was arranged in the auditorium of our college. The chief guests as well as the lecturers were invited from STATE WATER DATA CENTRE. Our Principal madam Mrs. Sarada Devi and our HOD madamMr. A.M.Patel were invited for the appreciation of this workshop.  All the faculties and HOD of civil department were present there.

              Around 10.30 a.m. all the students of civil department were gathered in auditorium as well as all faculty members too. JeetVerma from 7th civil was the host for the day. As the chief guests and principal madam and A.M.patel sir arrived , the welcome speech was given by the host and program was started. The brief introduction of our guests were given by the host. Then after the appreciation speech was given by our respected principal madam with great anchoragement. Then A.M.Patel sir was invited for the same. After that lamp lighting , the guests , respected principal madam , A.M.Patel sir and our h.o.d madam were greeted.

              Then after the 1st lecture was given by S.B. SHELAT sir on HYDROLOGICAL CYCLE . He gave the very important knowledge on Gujarat’s hydrology. Then the 2nd lecture was given by A.G. SHAH sir. He gave the very basic n deep information about rainfall, calculation of rainfall , and many other topics. After his speech it was time for lunch break.

               Around 2 o’clock , the 3rd lecture was started by M. J. RAVAL sir with great enthusiasm. All the students were came to know about the value of water , the future need of water in Gujarat , today’s situation of water in Gujarat . After this the equipment which measures the velocity of water in river was shown to the students and even the working of that equipment was explained. All those information about hydrology would be very much helpful for the students. It was a great workshop with great response from the students. And with snack and cold drink , the workshop was completed. 


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