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Born in the heart of Gujarat, Maker Labs aims to foster innovation, research and entrepreneurship among students.This is the perfect platform for all you hackers/makers/developers/students to showcase your skills, ideas, passion and connect with the visionaries, industry experts who can mentor you and help transform your ideas/projects into realities.

There are more than 1200 Makerspaces in the world currently which enable hobbyists / hackers / developers / students to explore creative, innovative ideas and ultimately help them building innovative products/projects. Similar setups are needed in Gujarat which till date does not have any such facility. This ambitious project has been started by G.T.U. to rectify this problem and spread the fire of innovation among the students. We are a small team of students, visionaries, industry experts, professors who are willing to volunteer our resources, expertise and connections to help you succeed. Message from Vice-Chancellor

The Idea of C-i-C3 :-

Gujarat Technological University (GTU) is setting up its first Community Innovation Co-Creation Center (C-i-C3) during March 2014. During this year, GTU will establish a few more C-i-C3s all across the State. This is being done to develop an environment, which can help our students develop as technologists, who are respected for their creativity in their field.

Every C-i-C3 will work with the GTU Innovation Clubs in Colleges to provide an integrated view of the activities being taken up by the University. A technologist is a creator of new and better products and processes, which work according to specifications in a measurable set of conditions. Thus a Bose speaker, which works well in an auditorium, would not work under sea. An engineer1 is a problem solver. So engineers have created other products for conveying and receiving sound waves under water. Young persons, who graduate from our Universities as engineers, learn the language of their field. Many times they have learnt to analyze a problem, which is given to them. But they do not have the confidence to identify an engineering problem and they are not able to design a solution.

C-i-C3s will provide a forum where a young person will be able to come forward with a problem, that she has identified and for which she has a solution in her mind. C-i-C3 will be a Co-Creation space, which should become a magnet to attract all the creative persons (called ‘geeks’ by some) and all the successful entrepreneurs of the area. The young person will not only be able to get the facilities to develop her idea into a proto-type, she would be able to discuss it with other ‘fellows’ at the Center and she may be able to find mentors there.

The new syllabi, being designed for degree engineering programs, will progressively move the University towards design-oriented learning and the ideas of designing of systems will be discussed in class-rooms, laboratories and workshops even in the first year. The syllabi will also have a Final Year project as the capstone of engineering education.

If a student or a group of students from the same or from different disciplines were to come together and were to developing an idea for a new product or a process at any time during the three or four years of their studies, a C-i-C3 should be the place for them. Such groups may need a management graduate as a part of the team while designing and developing a new marketable product. For cases, where technology has been commoditised, a team of management students, with probably an engineer or two as members, may design and implement a process for developing a new enterprise. They will also find C-i-C3 to be a useful place.

A C-i-C3 will, therefore, strengthen the whole process of technological education in the whole of the area, to which it caters its services. Moreover it will become the local Mecca of the young and successful technology entrepreneurs of the area.

Let us all work to make every C-i-C3 the center of the universe for the technologists of the area.

Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice-chancellor, Gujarat Technology University

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